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Cimperium has worked on more than 70 international projects bringing together public and private sector stakeholders in emerging markets around the globe.

China Smart Grid Technologies 


Trade Mission Briefing

Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA; 

San Francsico, CA

November 1-14, 2015

Cimperium led program development the China Smart Grid Technologies Reverse Trade Mission (RTM) which connected U.S. and Chinese smart grid sector stakeholders for future project implementation. The fourteen member delegation which included senior decision makers from China’s National Energy Administration, provincial and municipal grid operators, and electric grid utility companies, including China Southern Grid and China State Grid traveled to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA and San Francisco, CA to meet with US power sector stakeholders in each of these cities. The purpose of the RTM was to familiarize senior Chinese executives and key supervisory agency officials with U.S. capabilities and best practices regarding smart grid technologies and provide an opportunity for U.S. companies to learn more about the Chinese power sector and to ask key questions about the needs and requirements of attending officials. Pamela Peseux developed the itinerary and traveled with the delegation throughout the mission.

Cimperium’s Pam Peseux assisted with the program development for a USTDA Reverse Trade Mission (RTM) to familiarize Chinese decision-makers with U.S. green infrastructure best practices and technologies including IT solutions, decentralized energy, combined heat and power and engineering services.   The RTM delegation was composed of representatives from China’s Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) including companies interested in procuring cutting-edge environmental and energy efficient technologies from the United States for green infrastructure project, particularly in cities. The visit introduced these key decision makers to U.S. infrastructure and technology companies, with a focus on best practices and solutions that enable major cities to be integrated, sustainable and efficient. The delegation attended the Climate-Smart/Low-Carbon Cities Summit on September 15-16, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.

US Trade & Development Agency 


China Green Infrastructure and Smart Cities Reverse Trade Mission

Los Angeles CA, Chicago, ILL

September 13-19, 2015

Istanbul Exporters Association


Turkish Ship and Yacht Exporters Builders Business -to-Business Meetings at the Offshore Technology Conference, Houston,

TX May 6, 2015

Working with the Turkish Consulate in Houston and the Istanbul Exporters Association (Turkish Ship and Yacht Exports Association), Cimperium
organized the business to business meetings at the leading Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for the oil and gas sector bringing together 12
Turkish companies representing key shipbuilding and other offshore vendors with potential buyers. Services included research and outreach efforts to
identify potential buyers, created the marketing materials for the outreach campaigns,  organized the full day business to business meeting program and managed their successful implementation at OTC 2015 in Houston, TX.

USTDA-India Smart Grid


USTDA-India Smart Grid RTM and Workshop Series

San Francisco, CA, December 2014

Bangalore, India, March 2015

Cimperium President Pamela Peseux led the program development for this 11 day Reverse Trade Mission and Workshop Series sponsored by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Participating Indian Delegates represented senior from private utilities in India’s power sector. The Itinerary included meetings with U.S. companies and site visits to U.S. utilities, research facilities and regulators. The delegation traveled to Washington, DC, San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR. The itinerary included a Workshop in San Francisco, CA on December 7, 2014 which brought U.S. companies together with the participating delegates to discuss upcoming smart grid initiatives and opportunities in India.  This workshop was part of a workshop shop series. A follow on workshop in Bangalore on March 2, 2015 was organized where more than 100 U.S. and Indian public and private sector representatives attended. Cimperium assisted with program development and sponsorship recruitment and Pam Peseux moderated one of the workshop sessions. 


USTDA funded this workshop to bring together U.S. and Turkish stakeholders for project development in Turkey’s growing geothermal industry. Cimperium’s Pam Peseux led the in-country pre-workshop visit to Turkey  to identify projects, issues and developers as the first step in creating a relevant and dynamic agenda for the workshop. Peseux managed the agenda development and led the marketing efforts to attract more than 100 U.S. and Turkish  participants, exceeding client expectations. 

US Trade & Development Agency 


U.S. – Turkey Geothermal Workshop, Ankara, Turkey

October 21-22, 2014


US Trade & Development Agency 


USTDA Morocco Solar Reverse Trade Mission and Business Briefing,

SF, Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO

July 2014

Cimperium’s Pamela Peseux worked on the project team and lead itinerary development and marketing to introduce 12 Moroccan solar stakeholders to key U.S. PV stakeholders – technology providers, consultancies, and government organizations. The 11-day itinerary included site visits to solar installations, meetings with U.S. companies  and government stakeholders in Denver, CO;  San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA.   A  one-day event in San Francisco provided the delegation with a forum to discuss current procurement opportunities as well as meet with the more than 50 company representatives that attended the event. 

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